____________ CWWC 2009 ____________

Dear car wax enthusiasts!

We, Fahrzeugpflegeforum.de (forum about car care products) and Kosmetykaaut.pl organized an event on 30 – 31 May 2009, where the comparison of high quality car waxes was performed. We will continue the test during a few next months.

  • 28 different types of waxes from different price categories are to be compared, including the commonly used household waxes as well as the most expensive Premium Wax types.

  • The waxes are to be tested on seven identical cars (VW Caddy) of the same colour and nearly the same age, as well as nearly the same distance covered by each of them.

  • Every bonnet (hood) is to be divided into four parts.

  • There are to be three assistants who will prepare all the cars in exactly the same way.

  • Each assistant is to be responsible for one and always the same phase of washing on each and every car (polishing, re-polishing and high-gloss polishing).

  • The waxes are to be applied and spread according to a provided user guide and this is going to be witnessed by two other people. Thus, all the cars are going to be prepared in exactly the same way in order to create equal opportunities for a fair comparison of waxes.

The following things are to be considered throughout the car waxes comparison:

  • Wax spreading (Original user guides are to be available and followed meticulously)

  • Degree of gloss (a special device and, simply, human eyes are to be used to measure it)

  • Durability (the gloss is to be measured once again in three months’ time)

  • Water resistance (the surface is to be sprayed evenly with distilled water and allowed to spread evenly, which is to be recorded in pictures)

  • Subjective opinion of viewers (examining board) who are not going to know the car wax brands (a points-based system)

After 3 mounth from each bonnet two types of waxes with the lowest number of points are to be chosen and these ones will not take part in the further competition. Subsequently, all the bonnets are to be once again divided into two areas and the best 14 car waxes are to take part in the final competition. You will find all up-to-date information in NEWS.

Soon a testing team and participants (car waxes) will be presented. Every week you can read at least two new entries about the topic in NEWS section.

And here it is the first official portrait of the waxes family. Some of the ordered car care products have not arrived yet. Soon 28 waxes will be chosen to take part in the test.

Of course there are waxes ;)



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