____________ CWWC 2009 ____________

Hansi @Bodensee - CWWC 2009 coverage.

Day 1

Now it's day X. Today we fly to Warsaw with transfer in Stuttgart. The car was already packed early in the morning. Various polishing pastes and other auxiliary measures are already well protected in the suitcase. We are sure that nothing wrong is not happen to them during the flight. And we are preparing to leave to the airport in Stuttgart.

We arrived at the airport without any problems. We had reserved already parking place. So we are going on escalators, which transport us directly to the Terminal, where Ironmichel had already waited for us.

Short check-in, then a moment to rest with something to drink. Then, almost on time, when the sun was shining and the temperature was 20 degrees, we came on board.

Finally we go. My stomach is rumbling, so it is a sign, that is slowly approaching the time for 3rd breakfast.

"Hello, I am the captain of your flight, bla bla bla ... unfortunately just after 25 minutes we can take off." So our plane is delay, so we get a little treat. GREAT!

The motors were running, we are starting. Already on the runway can be felt strongly by gusts of wind. Our aircraft are facing some of the side wind. Finally, our aircraft takes off and immediately we heard the announcement:” "Please leave fastened seat belts, because we expect a fairly strong turbulence."

We do not worry about this, beacuse after only a short time it became quiet and we were able to eat our breakfast. I looked out through the window- cloud to cloud, even at an altitude of nearly 11,000 m. "Ladies and gentlemen, unfortunately in Warsaw is raining already and the temperature is 16˚C."

We landed and just after a few minutes the aircraft arrived at in it stopping-place, but nothing more does not happened. Stairs looked funnily.

“Dear passengers, please follow your steps to the rear exit, beacuse in the front we are expecting technical difficulties.”

Hooray, we landed in Poland. It is raining, so instead of going a few meters through the gate, we were transported by bus through the half of an airport. Then we passed without any problems customs clearance and received really quickly our luggage.

At this moment I recalled in my mind one situation when one lady sitting behind us on the plane chatted with a marriage. She also told them that Warsaw is a very beautiful city and gave some suggestions what they should visit.
Ha, if she would ask us what we'll be doing in Warsaw then she would hear that we will be polishing cars. I would like to see her face then.

Arek announced himself on the phone and after a while he stood in his the most splendid suit and tie. This style was not so necessary. Beacuse we had a lot of luggage, 2 cars came for us and hopefully we found room for everything.

With this black machine we experience a lot of cool moments.

During the road to the hall we got stuck in the traffic jam, but at least we could in peace watch this big city. It wast the first time in Poland for all three of us.

Arek selects shortcuts without end, and showed us that there are no major road rules in Poland. Or so we thought like that.
Passers-by fled to safe walkway at the same view of black Beetle.

Revolution, the engine just need to reach a proper revolution and we run through the city with average speed of 150 km/h.

Finally, after so many kilometers by car and by plane we reached the point of our destiny. What could be more beautiful than this view.


Oops, sorry.
I was naturally thinking of this one, although this different place is also important. 

Now we are standing in front of the hall, which has just been finished on time. They are going to make the last painting but already clouds cover the sky and is going to rain.

Arek immediately organized a few of people who treat us fresh coffee and other beverages. After that relaxed and pleased we started watching.

Everything cleaned up and beautiflully shining, wow, the work under these conditions makes the pleasure.

Of course, we could not wait and we started from freshly cleaned using clay Caddy. Michl, eat something first, after that we will be able to maintain this machine ourselves.

We tested the new Festool, after that Arek wanted to go and eat something.

But we did not want to leave the hall, so we ordered something to eat and started to prepare things for the next day.

Our work clothes arrived and we had plenty of drinks.

The new tubes were tested immediately, and Moni obviously also wanted to ride one round using Flex.

We do not feel tired now, so we unpacked belt washer, filled it and immediately started test.

And there is something for Bull.

The evening came, so we went to Arek's firm. If somebody expected a small provincional company then he was mistaken. We understood that on the first glimpse of the eye. Before us stood a real bussinessman. Arek never mentioned who he was. He was always natural, open-minded and a good laugh. This was how we knew him and that's the way he would remain for us.

All the financial contribution that Arek made to the forum is incredible and that's why I would like to thank him for our common forum about automobile care.

In the office we choose the waxes and went again through all the
processess. About nine in the evening we drove to the hotel and made ourselves comfortable in our rooms.

Then we went to eat. And in no time midnight struck. The day was slowly coming to an end. The hall was guarded all night so we were able to sleep well and think through all impressions about our first stay in Warsaw.