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Hansi @Bodensee - CWWC 2009 coverage.

Day 2

Today we can finally do something. It is still dark in Warsaw. My hunch tells me that this is even before 10, so that means the night for me. But it is also time for the breakfast. We are the first and the only people who by this time already woken up.

Today Nicole is arriving, so Ironmichl is smiling from ear to ear and looking at the clock all the time. About this time I am not able to read yet and hardly swallow my breakfast. Punctually at the minute our little VW Beetle arrived and then we drove through the city. 
Arek explains to me that if you manage a speed above 130 km /h radar does not do any recordings or pictures. This way we break through the city, on the left, right, means simply we rush where possible. In some places a hole in the asphalt forced us to reduce speed, but after a few seconds tip of the speedometer goes to the top.

We parked in front of the hall. I told Arek that he is a very good driver. I think that he can read in my mind, because he asked if we want to try Polish-Turkish kebab.

Mix of voices and music infiltrates by us at the entrance. Wow, what is going in here. Probably half of the Polish internet forum came to see what is going on. Everybody have a great time. Here and there I can hear words that sound familiar. Yeap, we are in Poland. The whole team diligently cleaning using clay, remove foil from packaging and testing products. Beautiful view.

"Hello," Ha, what is going on. One person said that to me and then shaked my hand. Now I knew how sounds Polish welcome. After that we made a round around the hall and greeted with everybody. You can feel very familiar in here.

Ups, cars are parked in the wrong order. We indicated the place in the evening and we wanted cars parked bonnet to bonnet. So now everybody gets a key and we move cars.

First of all, we inspect all the cars. Yesterday we had the opportunity to have a look at some cars and we noticed that several of them have quite a lot of damage on the bonnet.
Lamps are set.

Somebody asked us: ”After your treatment there is not going to be one or even the smallest cracks at the cars, or you can only achieve a good status, but save money for car paint?" response was immediate.
It would not be possible in that short time, but we have in plans something bigger.

Each field is going to be measured, and then we create a table for it, in which all data will be saved. Please have patience for a moment, even if everything is quite extensive for you.

We already held similar meetings, but what we do here far exceeds my the best ideas.

Everyone does something in all the corners. Coffee trickles from the machine and after a moment the eyes can say more than words can express. Everyone enjoys and respects the other person. We are a pretty big team.

The first car will is ready to start waxing. I took Makita in my hand, medium sponge and a slightly abrasive paste for polishing Koch Chemie brand.
Surprised look, and somebody asked a first question why I used that speed, and so on...and...


We explain that we want to save a car paint, and therefore in the first round we rub off slightly throughout the car.
These cars are in constant use, there are not demonstration cars. We are often using them on the route. We required a lot from them and it is possible that we may need to polish them again soon. Therefore there is no sense to rub off the car paint using a lot of strength and high temperature. We want to have some paint left on the car.
Large defects are removed by using a polishing paste Riwax and Koch brand. After a while we finished one of the stage on the first bonnet. Now Michl spreads a thin layer of a new measure Festool Shinex at the car paint. Later on he will spread more of this specific.

Now it is time for Moni. She used a Kochl’s sponge with a special paste, which prevents from the formation of holograms at the car paint. At this stage of work you can see amazed faces all the arrived people and the question arises "Flex? What is it?”.

Moni in the south-german dialect patiently explained what she is doing. Everybody nodded what ensure me that all guests understood. So Moni did not need an interpreter anymore. However Metys still stood at her side and was ready at any time to give her a hand.

In here always been someone who could translate something. Therefore, at this point I would like to thank again all the interpreters and Metys for his great commitment. He is very nice guy. Moni even gave him Flex for one round, so he was able to convince himself, how good is this machine. On the other hand, you have to simply like an orbit machine. It vibrates quite differently in his hand, so after few seconds he gave it back very willingly to Moni.

Arek again keep the word and organized a DJ. I thought he was kidding, but it was true.

Here we organize pick up Nicole from the airport. The easiest way is to do a poster.

When I asked about the music, DJ smiled at me and now I was curious.

Does the hall stay calm immediately, when we will hear the first sounds from one of the Deep Purple songs? No it was slightly different. Mass pulsate in tact of the music and this explained everything.
What a pity! We were so caught up at the work that we have not even been able to drop a hint to all the guests. People dressed in black overcome a whole room. Arek took care of it, that everyone had a company t-shirt. We felt like one big family.

The first bonnets were already finished when the whole hall filled the scent of fresh pizza and kebabs. How great to have a lot of tasty food. Girls from Arek’s company organized everything very well. We did not even have to wait for clean dishes. I would to thank then very much as well.

The bonnets have been divided into four parts.

Now we are ready to apply the Pre Cleaner. There are also differences in this case, but we will return to them later on in a one list.
We printed out and laminated in the beggining all the instructions with your help, so Nicole could read it loud when she was standing near us.
We become convicted at the beggining that we should not never again use a cleanCollinite brand.
Each cleaner had been applied using clean sponge, and then with the recommendations of the manufacturer removed using neat microfiber. Now it is time for waxing.

Below is a summary of the waxes used. We will add later on a table with all the particular details.


Aristoclass Auto Nr. 5 Numberplate ABC 11

Autoglym High Definition Wax Special-Auto Nr. 8 Numberplate W 1 ABC

Caramba Carnauba Edel Wachs Auto Nr. 7 Numberplate ABC 14

Chem. Guys 50/50 Auto Nr. 1 Numberplate ABC 8

Chem.Guys Black Pearl Auto Nr. 2 Numberplate ABC 7

Chem.Guys E-Zym Paste Wax Auto Nr. 4 Numberplate ABC 16

Chem.Guys Hardcore Paste Wax Auto Nr. 6 Numberplate ABC 9

Collinite # 476 Auto Nr. 6 Numberplate ABC 9

Collinite # 915 Auto Nr. 7 Numberplate ABC 14

Dodo Blue Velvet Auto Nr. 2 Numberplate ABC 7

Dodo Orange Crush Auto Nr. 3 Numberplate ABC 12

Dodo Purple Haze Auto Nr. 1 Numberplate ABC 8

Dodo Supernatural Auto Nr. 3 Numberplate ABC 12

Meguiar´s # 16 Special-Auto Nr. 8 Numberplate W 1 ABC

Meguiar´s Deep Crystal Step 3 Auto Nr. 4 Numberplate ABC 16

Petzoldt´s Premium Auto Nr. 5 Numberplate ABC 11

Poor Boys Natty´s Paste Wax Auto Nr. 4 Numberplate ABC 16

R222 100% Carnauba Wax Auto Nr. 5 Numberplate ABC 11

R222 Concours Auto Nr. 5 Numberplate ABC 11

Sonax Auto Nr. 3 Numberplate ABC 12

Swizöl Concorso Auto Nr. 7 Numberplate ABC 14

Swizöl Crystal Rock Auto Nr. 6 Numberplate ABC 9

Swizöl Mystery Auto Nr. 1 Numberplate ABC 8

Swizöl Onyx Auto Nr. 2 Numberplate ABC 7

Swizöl Saphir Auto Nr. 7 Numberplate ABC 14

Wolfgang Fuzion Estade Wax Special-Auto Nr. 8 Numberplate W 1 ABC

Zymöl Carbon Auto Nr. 2 Numberplate ABC 7

Zymöl Concours Auto Nr. 4 Numberplate ABC 16

Zymöl Destiny Auto Nr. 1 Numberplate ABC 8

Zymöl Glasur Auto Nr. 3 Numberplate ABC 12

Zymöl Titanium Special-Auto Nr. 8 Numberplate W 1 ABC

Zymöl Vintage Auto Nr. 6 Numberplate ABC 9

Yeees, it was a great feeling.

Two consecutive cars arrived just on Sunday. Arek urgently started measurements, but the results appear even later.

Working together is more pleasant.

We have a lot of sheets of paper with notes, so this is time to sort them out.

Although the day started sunny, but we could already see a black clouds on the horizon. The storm just passed through Warsaw with cloudburst.

It was not important, because we were in a dry place and we had plenty of food and drink.

We drove the cars out of the hall, beacuase we need space for the next one. Outside was raining cats and dogs again.

Some strong thunder passed through the hall. Misleading sound.

We also take care off this cool car, but first we measure and make a little preparations.

Metys washed and cleaned using clay The Piglet already.

So we started paste over.

Now Michl could take out his magic box and give as a lesson about car paint defects and their repairs. Surrounded by men in black T-shirts working Michl explained everythingstep by step what he was doing.

Arek putted aside his measuring equipment, and again started to organize something to eat. He said that you can work only if you have full belly.

We gathered already so much experience that it is impossible to describe all of it using words. You just have to experience that. There were helpful and friendly person around us, so it was no longer only the test of waxes, but the event has become a meeting of two nations. Great!
We have more than 1600 photos till now. Nicole, Arek and many others clicked and clicked all the time. I think, that when we count all the photos in the end, there should be more than 3000.

Porsche had paint in very good condition, but can also be found several deep scratches. This car also will be used on a daily basis, so we remain faithful to our combination of polish and sponges.

Now we will get some help from Zylom company representative. He also wanted to try how Flex is working.

We find out where the visitors came from after some time. Some of them come from Gdańsk and they started their yourney at 4 a.m. Others came from Katowice and they stay overnight. It is amazing with how big enthusiasm they working. Unfortunately, we do not have much time for longer conversations. But this is still to catch up with.

There are the first pictures after the rain. After when we applied some wax we could see first surprises. 

It is late and this day was really long. Despite this we do some peace of work with Porsche for the end of the day.

Zymöl company representative, who also is a very nice guy, asked us to let him apply HD Cleans. He was waiting for this all day. So he took Shinex, made one round and did it just like I am doing it using this machine.

The greatest thing was that everyone did everything and no one was preventing from the work. Even the owner of Porsche rolled his's sleeves up.

Now we applied Vintage and we were very curious what will be the effect.

It was 8 p.m. already but we did not want to go to the hotel. Arek wanted to show us the city. So we decided to go to the hotel and change. It was so hard to say goodbye to the hall, because the day was great, but tomorrow is the next one. Arek arrived freshly after shower and tried to make us competitive.
Arek... this is not enough ,c’mon.

Arek took us to a nice and cozy place with Polish specialties.
It was almost 10 p.m, but we were lucky and got something to eat. The food was simply delicious and it was a very pleasant trip.

But that was not the end of attractions. Straight after eating Arek led us to the cafe Wedel to try some delicacies. Oh, boy, why we did not have more space in stomach.

We returned to the hotel at the midnight and had a small drink.
This day was amazing. We met so many nice people and we were no longer strangers to each other.
We were not tired, but decided to go to sleep, because we will have to get up soon again.