____________ CWWC 2009 ____________

Hansi @Bodensee - CWWC 2009 coverage.

Day 3

A new day begins with a rich breakfast.Yesterday Arek was firmly frightened because one of his cars had an accident. He sighed with relief when he found out that that the driver is not injured.

The bonnet was intact, so we could wax this car as well. Young girl picked us up from the hotel. The pearl and the whirlwind, of the company.

If you need something, you just have to simply give her a call, and after few minutes she appears next to you and tries to help.Magda, many many thanks for you.

The first meters with her in the car are passing quietly. But after a while we can hear the familiar engine’s whistling and the speedometer tip climbing up rapidly. We drive straight away to the hall and we used to this everything, what only reminds the road. Breakfast is divided so there we have space for small snack.

The hall is not empty. People in a great mood are standing already with a cup of coffee and after a small work. Last 2 transporters were washed and cleaned using clay. So we can start our work now.

We just need to quickly remove the remains of the stickers and the glue, but this time it does not want to go so smoothly.

But we managed it all together.

Michl and I started our program. Metys wanted to lead and did a one part using Menzerna and 3M, where I was next to him using Riwax and Koch Chemie.3M is too strong for me for this kind of the defect. I am a supporter of the protection of the car paint, so I would rather go one extra round, and thus remove as many layers of point as I needed to. 

We had only 2 bonnets to be done, so we done it relatively easily.

Moni did the final work again.

We were ready after a while and we were able to go to the Pre Cleaners.

We started with Collinite Cleaner but I am not going to use it again. This product is awfully hard to process and it was almost impossible to rub it off. It always remaining the pale layer on the car paint.No, we have better products.

In the meantime, Metys has prepared this little Devil for car paint correction.
This cart has 200 horsepowers and is ideal for driving around the town. The weather showed up from a better hand, so we were able to wash car outside.

We return to the hall, because the delivery of food will arrive. I need to be there.

This Small was already parked in the hall, and even Dariusz, an owner, gave us a hand with cleaning using clay.He also strained extremely, like everyone in here.

NOX was always on the spot with his camera, stood on the side. He was almost unnoticed, but always ready to help.

Metys “worked out” this car using Makita, when we worked on the bonnets.

Here you can see that the impact of the previous day was quite strong, and the driver had a lot of luck. He would be fired if the mask has been damaged.

Control gaze at each step, as it should be.

Bonnets have been re-divided into 4 parts, and we could start waxing. Yesterday, the treatment offered us the pleasant smell of waxes. Today once again along the bonnet extended slightly sweetish scent. Latest waxes have been collected, and the 8th car got for comparison an artificial waxes, so not pure Carnauba waxes.

Auto Nr. 7 Numberplate ABC 14

Collinite # 915 Swizöl Concorso

Swizöl Saphir Caramba Carnauba Edel Wachs

Special-Auto Nr. 8 Numberplate W 1 ABC

Autoglym High Definition Wax Meguiar´s # 16

Zymöl Titanium Wolfgang Fuzion Estade Wax

Putting on the waxes went very easy, almost all products were easy to apply and clear off. You can't say that about the Cleaners.

Huhu Arek, we are here!

But if you are already down there, think if you could do something about it. If not you will have to duck down later. And so Arek started to work. The plastic parts we treated with Black WOW and the exhaust gained factory-like shining. In the meantime metys circled his rounds with Shinex. Dariusz observed all and helped effectively.

Those two have no dignity.
The doorsteps were secured by Black WOW.

A moment after the bonnets were finished the time came for the first "pearling" test.

...later put out the cars on the fresh air.

We left the cars in peace and straight away we made some space for the Porsche.

Metys is a really nice guy and a big help.

Combo takie samo jak wczoraj i tak wypolerowaliśmy tą sztukę na wysoki połysk, tym samym usuwając defekty.


And of course there was always good music to that.

Arek bought everything if it goes to the lights which make defects visible, beginning from 3M up to Elite lights and so he went round the car to find any defects after polishing.
3M is a great thing. Pointed from down to up shows you even the smallest scratch - it is a profitable investment.

But here comes the best. Light with transmission of video and photo, by which you can see even the smallest scratches. And Arek did urgent seek.

The job at the Porsche was a nice change. The numerous roundings and lamellas are great for polishing. Milch tested the Festool politure which was included with Shinex.

The level of polish on the Piglet was about 82 units before the polishing after corrections it went up to 94 which could be seen with bare eyes.

We've heard some hum and I thought the DJ put on the wrong tape, but no.. again it was the rain. As far as I know that's nothing new in Warsaw. The waxes could prove their durability.

Before impositioning Zymol HD Cleanse Flet 3401 Porsche was once again cleaned with Quick Detailer. It's always a nice view for me as it is easy to work this product with Makita or an orbital machine.

It stopped raining and again we were able to breathe with fresh air.

The DJ properly warmed us up and food was announced. Arek ordered a vast amount of food so everybody could fill himself up. With full stummicks we came up to the finish.

If it goes to wax again there was Vintage and after a longer while of hardening...

We went through to the clearing and we have been satisfied. Even if its not deep black Porsche has something in it. Clean force combined with thoroughbred wax. Indeed, this is something.

Almost done.

Think about it... The record of the English set long ago. Though it is late we are moving to the next round.

Metys was working persistently on Reni meanwhile the next guest (j32) took his Ford under the magnifying glass.

Somebody wanted to learn here something. That is why Arek took the Festool and made a round on the grey metallic. He made up a testing panel on the bonnet and put away the tool. On this varnish on a 7 years old car the difference was visible straight away and the eyes of the owner went bigger.

After another round Arek put the machine into his hands and so he could take his first steps. Slowly and almost swinging the tool was going through the varnish. You could see that someone here needed help. There was no language barrier. Eye contact was all that was needed and he knew what was on my mind.

The second round was much more easy and with an inpositioned clear pad it went even better and after a moment the varnish was looking much more better. And so we trained the polishing of the edges and corners which came to us with no problems. It got late but still it was quite early so we went to work on the other side of the car. And so a hand was put to the varnish too in order to learn how to work with the machine in the vertical position.

He was doing that very smoothly and the effect was sensational even for an orbital machine. Short description what would be possible here with Makita and we went into putting on Meguiars #16.

After his phone started to ring for the several time j32 had to go and we finished on that stage. I need to add that he had an important meeting that day but he left everything for the cwwc. That day there was way too much fun (so he couldn't resist not to join us).

Metys was ready and so we cleaned up together a bit. Many hard-working hands give the desired and fast effect. And because it was just before 9 in the evening we decided to end for the day.

Back to the hotel. A shower, changing clothes, and then go out to eat something. Arek drove us to the old town district. As always he found a parking space in the front line. How is this guy doing it?O.K he leaves the front lights on making people think he will come back in a minute. As for me it never works.

The ride through Warsaw is full of views, a well lit city with some history. After seeing great monuments we went to te restaurant in order to taste once again the specialities of the polish kitchen. Our stummicks were full and so we went for another round through the old town before it was long after midnight when we went back to the hotel. Tommorow is another day and yesterday was one of those days which you don't forget so quickly.