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Hansi @Bodensee - CWWC 2009 coverage.

Day 4

Our visit in Poland is slowly coming to the end. Weeat breakfast again very early in the morning. No, it just is not my time. I am definitely a sleepyhead not an early bird.
I only nodded my head at the welcome (I do not have power for anything else). I disappear quickly with a full tray. I took a free seat.

These last days were full of experience and we must “digest” everything and think over again about it.

When we were watching photos on a laptop every evening, we can only realize how many events we missed, focusing only a car bonnet.
The first bags are already packed. Arek picked us up and we want to go sightseeing the city. I do not need to say more about where we find a place to park. We are near the train station.

It may be that I am still tired and I have bad eyesight but it is really built very awry.

Definitely it stands awry, because after drinking a coffee, it looks the same.

In the beginning we visiting a large shopping centre, wow, it is really a big one.

Just noticed this screen with weather forecast and saw that Warsaw is located exactly in the center of Poland.

Palace of Culture and Science.

We go to the top of course. Hopefully I knew already that there is a lift.
This was once the second highest building in Europe.
On the platform at a height of 114 meters there is a magnificent view. The whole Palace is 230 m high and there is in it 3,288 rooms.

What a beautiful view.

You can see the Vistula River in the distance.

Just great.

Now we should sit down for a moment and have something to drink. Arek recommended a pub, where you can also “hunt” for something sweet.

The sky is really beautiful and sunny today. Break - this is exactly something for me.

We became hungry, so we use a time to have a snack.

Uncle Tommi these hamburgers are delicious, aren’t they ?

We are talking about all that was happened, about waxes, gloss, durability, etc. Because we had a few surprises.

Time expired very quickly. We have to go back to the hotel to take the luggage and then we go straight away to Arek’s company. Then we go once again to the hall to see the Porsche and to pack the rest of staff.

It is 4 p.m., we have boarding time at 4.50 p. m., so it is time to say goodbye. We have to say goodbye to all these nice days, where did we have so much warmth and we so happy when we have worked together. Polish-German Forum Car Care is finally met and stay forever in our memory.

We arrived at the airport, and again dark clouds appeared on the horizon. We have to pass safety control.

No, I do not hide anything under the shirt, this belly is real. After this good Polish food, I have now 3 kg overweight.
He looks onto my veins, which treated with drip for 20 years, now looks like a druggy’s veins, so I will be checked again thoroughly. I said that is all after of these delicious dumplings and they let us pass.

I look on the runways, it's raining cats and dogs, and you can also see thunders and lightings. I can not see our aircraft yet. Hours passing here in slightly different way.

At last we sit in an airplane. I look out the window and now I do not see rain. It was not raining in Warsaw. These were tears of happiness of all the friendly members.
We do not never forget the warmth, friendship and fun, which we experienced in Poland.

Now when I think once again about this event, I know that Arek does not need our help. He could manage everything on his own. It was rather to run two forums about car’s car together, to increase Polish-German friendship. The goal was the beating of the record, one task, different nations, and we achieved it.

At this point I would like to say once again a big “Thank you!” on behalf of whole forum.
I am delighted to have any Polish name, which appears on our forum, and we will also visit you.

We had an incredible opportunity to experience a full day of sensations. Anyone who knows the history of Warsaw from the Second World War may be surprised how nice and warm were for us Warsaw’s residents.
An additional aspect was the presentation of income from the waxes for different organizations on behalf of the forum.

Arek without your help all this would not be possible to do and I think that unfortunately we can not repeat it so quickly, so once again big thanks for the whole of your team.


And also a very important guest.

Thank you for everything, Team Edyta, Renata, and Metys for translation.

Greetings Bodensee